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We have been conducting quality African safari tours since 2012. Our specialties include private tours, overland adventures, wildlife safaris, tailor-made travel and travel packages, we bring you the very best of Africa. Whether it is a day tour, camping overland tour, an exclusive lodge or a Big 5 safari, Sawisa Tours can help you plan a fantastic travel experience to suit your desires and budget. With a passion for travel and vast knowledge of Africa, we will help you organize an unforgettable African experience.

Tailor-made Safaris

Safaris can be Fully Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Apart from the above tour packages, we can also tailor your safari holiday to make it an extra unique experience. This is great especially if you want extended trips or time to photograph an area thoroughly. Also if you have accessibility needs we can help get you into proper accommodations.

Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking

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1. Experts in Luxury African Safaris
With over 8 years experience in conducting safaris in Africa, you will be dealing with an experienced company that employs well-qualified and trained individuals.
2. African Experiences
We offer a wealth of unique and rewarding African experiences, ranging from luxury safari packages in authentic wilderness areas to family-friendly guided tours.
3. Personalized Attention
Your safari consultant will always be there to answer all your questions and to create a travel solution that meets your specific requirements.
4. Native & Professional Driver Guides
Highly qualified, experienced & passionate about giving you the best experience because we know the guide can make or break your safari experience.